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Love and laughter and a zebra

“All you need in the world is love and laughter. That’s all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other.” wrote August Wilson.

This Throw Back Thursday I am sharing a photograph from a 2007 engagement session with Eunice and Martin.

These two couldn’t stop smiling and making each other laugh.  One of my favorite shot was this silly photo with a fake zebra at a very popular rooftop bar in the Flatiron.

The best photos are always the ones when the couples are not afraid to be themselves and have fun at the engagement sessions.

love and laughter and a zebra

New York City engagement portraits by Mariann Szucs | Blue Daisy Weddings



Lifting of the bride’s veil

This Throw Back Thursday photograph is, from Melissa and David’s wedding that took place in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the summer of 2006.

The couple was having a traditional Jewish ceremony outside in the garden.  Melissa, the bride was walking down to the huppa with her parents and just before they reached David, the groom, Melissa’s father lifted her veil to present her to the groom.

It was a beautiful and emotional moment for the bride, the bride’s parents and the groom as well.

The tradition of lifting the bride’s veil goes back for centuries.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia and some bridal blogs.

lifting the bride

New York wedding photography by Mariann Szucs ~ Blue Daisy Weddings


North Fork vineyard wedding

This Throw Back Thursday I am choosing a photograph from Tara and GR’s summer vineyard wedding on the North Fork of Long Island that I photographed in 2007.

The couple, the wedding, the venue was so fabulous that it was featured in the Knot New York wedding issue as well.

One of my favorite moments from their wedding day, was, during the getting ready.  The hotel room where the bride was getting ready was very busy with flower delivery, bridesmaids running around and hair and make up people getting everyone pretty.  Just before Tara was putting her dress on, the room emptied out and the bride had a chance to sit down for a moment and take a deep breath.  Her eyes got teary from the anticipation what the day would bring.

It was a wonderful wedding and was so happy to be part of it.  The couple now have two adorable blonde boys.

vineyard wedding bride getting ready

North Fork vineyard wedding photography by Mariann Szucs | Blue Daisy Weddings


The first kiss as husband and wife

I have seen and photographed hundreds of first kisses over the last 14 years as a wedding photographer.  Some couples just do a quick peck on the lips and some couple do a dip and a long passionate kiss.

For this Throw back Thursday, I am sharing one of the memorable first kisses from Norma-Jean and Shawn wedding.

The couple got married in a beautiful little church almost 200 years old in upstate New York.  It was a hot summer day and an full of love and emotions.  The first kiss as a married couple reflected that emotional and happy moment as they became husband and wife.

Congratulations to Norma-Jean and Shawn who are celebrating their 7th anniversary!

first wedding kiss as husband and wife

New York wedding photography by Mariann Szucs | Blue Daisy Weddings




The significance of the wedding date

For many couples choosing the right date for their wedding is almost as important as picking the venue and reception hall to get married at.

Seven years ago, July 7th was the most popular wedding date of the year because of the triple sevens: 7/7/7.  According to Time magazine, it was the most popular wedding EVER.

Many celebrities also tied the knot on this day.  Why was it so popular I wonder?  Is it because easier to remember at anniversary time?  Is it because of the lucky 7 from the numerological point of view?

Triple number dates were always popular such as 8/8/8 and 10/10/10 especially if it fell on a weekend.

I am sharing a photo from Victoria and Joseph’s 7/7/7 wedding and wish them a very happy 7th anniversary!

Long Island NY beach wedding photo

Long Island beach wedding photography by Mariann Szucs | Blue Daisy Weddings