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Hello world! ~ New York City photographer

I am very excited to announce my brand new blog that accompanies my brand new wedding and kids photography websites.
I have been working on my new identity and style as a photographer, logos and brand for a year now and it’s finally all coming together.
A lot of patience, picking through thousands and thousands of images, weeks and months of editing, etc and they are finally ready!

The wedding website is: Blue Daisy Weddings

The kids and family portraits site is: Blue Daisy Kids

My boudoir site is: Blue Daisy Boudoir

Holiday card 2005

I love the holidays! Also love creating a one of a kind holiday card every year. I send holiday cards to friends, family, old and new clients and to other professionals in my field. Over 200+ this year.
I find that one of the biggest challenge about the card is to make it “one-size-fits-all”. In other words, I don’t want it to scream Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa (did I forget anyone?). I just want it to be a simple holiday card that gets the message across.

So after brainstorming for a couple weeks in October, I came up with the “frozen things” idea.  I went to Astoria Park and found different natural things such as berries, twigs, leaves which I froze in cups full of water. Next day went up to the roof where I used the best natural light source, the sun, for nice even lighting.
The session was very quick because my ice creations started to melt within minutes. I did a few different set ups and picked two final images for the greeting card.
Here’s the final card: 2 sided 4″x5.5″, press printed. Front of the card with the ice creations from top and back of the card with the side view:

Claudia’s maternity session ~ New York maternity photographer

I photographed Claudia at the end of November just a few days before Thanksgiving. It was a very mild day in New York City and we decided to start the photo session outside. Larry, Claudia’s husband also came along and we had such a great time. I wish more dads-to-be would participate in photo sessions.
Claudia and Larry live in the East Village and that’s where most of the photos were taken.
I love the East Village! It has so many buildings with wild colors, textures and just lots of character.
Claudia and Larry were awesome to photograph because they’re such easy going people who are very open to ideas.

Make sure you check the updated post on Liam, Claudia and Larry’s baby boy!

My new photo blog ~ New York City photographer

Hello there,

My name is Mariann Szucs and I am a professional photographer in New York City.

This is my new blog and I will add lots of photographs and stories behind my work.
I still have to find out how to post images, etc….. But I am taking the first steps!! Yay!!

More to come….stay tuned!


My wedding work can be seen on the Blue Daisy Weddings website.

My children and family portraits can be seen on the Blue Daisy Kids website.

My boudoir portraits can be seen on the Blue Daisy Boudoir website.


Blue Daisy Weddings and Blue Daisy Kids

Since I started to photograph professionally, I have always used my name, Mariann Szucs Photography.
My first and second website address was also my name:  As much as I love my name, unless you’re Hungarian or you know me well, my last name would be a challenge to spell or pronounce.  “Szucs” is a common Hungarian last name, you pronounce it sootch.

Considering how it can be difficult for someone to remember my name correctly, I started to look into a new name and new business identity. I had a very long list of names and did a poll with friends and family members.
The finalist was “blue daisy”. At this time I also decided to dedicate a website just for my wedding portfolio and one site for my portrait work. Blue Daisy Weddings and Blue Daisy Kids were born.

The names were the relatively easy part of the process. Then I had to get the websites, hire a graphic designer, hire website designers and start going through thousands and thousands of images.

I ended up working with Jason Myers through and he did an amazing job with the logos, and the blue daisy identity. Jason was very creative and extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a graphic artist!

Here are the two final logos for Blue Daisy Weddings and Blue Daisy Kids.