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Blue Daisy Weddings and Blue Daisy Kids

Since I started to photograph professionally, I have always used my name, Mariann Szucs Photography.
My first and second website address was also my name:  As much as I love my name, unless you’re Hungarian or you know me well, my last name would be a challenge to spell or pronounce.  “Szucs” is a common Hungarian last name, you pronounce it sootch.

Considering how it can be difficult for someone to remember my name correctly, I started to look into a new name and new business identity. I had a very long list of names and did a poll with friends and family members.
The finalist was “blue daisy”. At this time I also decided to dedicate a website just for my wedding portfolio and one site for my portrait work. Blue Daisy Weddings and Blue Daisy Kids were born.

The names were the relatively easy part of the process. Then I had to get the websites, hire a graphic designer, hire website designers and start going through thousands and thousands of images.

I ended up working with Jason Myers through and he did an amazing job with the logos, and the blue daisy identity. Jason was very creative and extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a graphic artist!

Here are the two final logos for Blue Daisy Weddings and Blue Daisy Kids.

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