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What about family portraits?

I am asked this question by engaged couples at most wedding photography consultations.
“We know you are a documentary photographer but do you also take family portraits at weddings?”
And my answer is: Absolutely!
I believe taking portraits with close family members is a very important part of the wedding. Portraits created at these happy occasions will be cherished for many years.
Here is a personal example. My parents, who live in Hungary, visited me last summer here in New York City. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a family portrait taken while they’re here? And my friend and amazing photographer Joseph did just that: he took our portrait in Chelsea and now it’s proudly displayed in my apartment and my parents’ home.
This family photo is very precious to us and it will always bring back happy memories.

Manhattan family portrait photography

So, returning to the original question, I would be very happy to create some beautiful family portraits on your wedding day as I know it will make lots of people happy.

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