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The one year old with the face lift…

No, it’s not a headline ripped from a gossip magazine, I am talking about my website.
My wedding website launched a year ago in February. I love this site and over the year I received so many amazing feedbacks and raves about it. But, I thought it could use a little “face lift”.
I am working on the new site right now and I am hoping to show it off in the next couple weeks. I am really excited about it because it will have some nice new features that will make the viewing/visiting experience even more enjoyable .

So what will be better?

  1. Bigger images!
  2. Built-in slideshows! You can just enter the site, choose a gallery, sit back and relax while the slideshow starts up automatically. You can also stop it, pause it and look at the images manually.
  3. New Gallery: Details! My couples all know how much I love detail shots: the bouquets, the shoes, the cakes… This new gallery will be beautiful, colorful and fun!
  4. Organized wedding galleries! Currently, the two wedding galleries have images from every part of the wedding day. The new site will also have two wedding galleries but it will be more organized. Weddings 1. will have getting ready and ceremony images from the wedding day. Weddings 2. will have couples’ portraits, reception, toasts/speeches, cake cutting and dancing.
  5. Juke box! There is an option to have a few different songs on the site instead of just one tune that keeps playing over and over.
  6. More links! Now you can get to the blue daisy blog from the splash page not just inside the site. Once you are on the site, a link can take you to the featured slide shows or to the blog as well.

What will be different?

I will take off the Album layout gallery. Complete album layouts will be available online per request.

What will happen to the current site?

I really do like this site and I would like to keep it. My original website needs a major updating and more than just a little face lift. If my idea of recycling works out, I will be able to use the current wedding site on my old site which will become my fine art photography site.
But that’s a little while away. 8)
So keep checking back as the new site is coming very soon!!! Very exciting!!

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